Good production practices (GPPs) are the overall guidelines which shape the OCFB Quality Assurance Program. GPPs include those that address receiving and shipping of cattle, feed and nutrition management, the feeding environment, animal health management as well as sanitation, biosecurity and training of production personnel. A consistent approach to management of GPPs is supported by the development of Standard Operating Procedures which are the documented management protocols and record keeping maintained by Ontario Corn Fed Beef farmers.

Good production practices (GPPs) are the overall guidelines which shape the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Quality Assurance Program.

Purpose Of The Good Production Practices

1. Preserve the Environment

We support the development of Environmental Farm Plans. Environmental plans are prepared by our farmers to increase their environmental awareness in up to 23 different areas on their farm. Ontario is estimated to have up to 1/3 of the world’s fresh water and our farmers work to protect this valuable resource.

4. Balanced Animal Nutrition and Feed Ingredient Selection

After grazing on open pasture our cattle are fed a nutritionally balanced diet containing corn and other plant ingredients for a minimum of 100 days. The highest quality beef is produced by carefully specifying and monitoring feed ingredients and ensuring all nutritional needs are met.

2. Protect Animal Health

Like people, cattle can become ill and need some extra care for a period of time. Any animal health product used by our farmers must be recorded with our Animal Treatment Record.

5. Cattle Production Knowledge and Innovation

We work with family farms to provide training. Many of our farmers have many years of experience as the farm has been passed down through multiple generations.

3. Ensure Animal Care

Well-designed facilities consider cattle instincts and behaviours to help maintain animal health and productivity. Our barns have open walls that let in sunlight and fresh air while protecting cattle from the weather