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May 30, 2017 – London, ON – Ontario Corn Fed Beef is proud to be on the menus at Service Inspired Restaurants (SIR Corp) locations across Ontario, with two of their most popular cuts:
OCFB Strip Loins and Sirloins.

The first of the SIR Corp brands to launch this program was Canyon Creek. Opened in 1997 a big part of Canyon Creek’s business is the beef, named one of the top 50 steakhouses in Canada by OpenTable in 2016. Canyon Creek is described as a casual, yet elegant, atmosphere for lunch, dinner or late-night dining. Canyon Creek Executive Chef Dorian King is excited about the opportunity to offer Ontario Corn Fed Beef on the menu. In addition to the taste and the quality of the product, King is proud to be supporting the family farms producing Ontario Corn Fed Beef. King says supporting the local community is important to the entire SIR Corp organization.

“To me,” says King, “it’s important and exciting to be able to support local businesses. We’re fortunate to have access to great quality beef right in our backyard, and we’re able to lower the impact of bringing beef in from other areas of the world,” says King, adding there’s an emotional connection involved with supporting the Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand. “It feels like we’re a part of it. It feels like you’re supporting a family, and that hits home for me and a lot of the people on our team.”

Wanting to differentiate their steak offerings with higher specifications, Canyon Creek is also impressed with Quality Assurance program of Ontario Corn Fed Beef along with the auditing process. While people recognize the great quality of Canadian beef, the OCFB Quality Assurance program as part of the on-farm protocols and practices enhances that reputation.

The result of those quality standards however, all comes down to great taste and tenderness of Ontario Corn Fed Beef. “From what I taste, that hint of sweetness comes through from the corn in the meat,” says Executive Chef Dorian King. “And just as important to us is the consistency of the flavour so our guests at Canyon Creek will know what kind of quality to expect when they visit our restaurants.”

“The move to support local producers and products keeps growing,” says Jim Clark of the Ontario Cattle Feeders Association. “Ontario consumers are demanding a high quality local beef product, and we’re proud to deliver that. It’s wonderful to be working with SIR Corp and Canyon Creek who see the value in our quality beef and the benefits it brings both our economy and their dinner guests.”


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Heather Travis

About Ontario Corn Fed Beef:

  • Ontario Corn Fed Beef is currently featured in 241 Loblaw Co. and affiliate stores and 120
    other retail outlets across Ontario and distributed to fine restaurants through Sysco Canada
    and Morton’s Wholesale
  • Ontario’s cattle and beef sector supports more than 11,000 jobs and contributes about $4
    billion dollars to the province’s economy.
  • All Ontario Corn Fed Beef cattle are fed and processed in Ontario.
  • The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program was launched in June of 2001 to expand the market for
    and profile of Ontario-produced beef. By expanding the market presence of this brand,
    Ontario Corn Fed Beef has been positioned as one of the leading brands of premium beef in
  • The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program provides consumers, globally, with an identifiably
    Ontario brand of beef which has come to be known as consistently great tasting,
    wholesome, and raised in the natural environment of Ontario.
  • The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program has grown into the largest producer owned branded
    beef program in Canada. In 2014 the program produced 298,760 head of certified cattle.
  • A May 2014 George Morris Centre report credited the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program for
    generating an additional $26 per head for all cattle sold in the province of Ontario, which
    translates into $23.4 million of incremental cash receipt revenue for Ontario cattle
    producers in the years 2013/2014 alone* (*based on 450,000 head fed cattle).

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About SIR Corp.

SIR is a privately held Canadian corporation that owns and operates a portfolio of 60
restaurants and one seasonal retail outlet in Canada. SIR’s Concept brands include: Jack Astor’s
Bar and Grill®, with 40 locations; Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar®, together with Alice
Fazooli’s®, for a total of seven locations; and Canyon Creek®, with eight locations. SIR also
operates one-of-a-kind “Signature” brands in downtown Toronto, including Reds® Wine Tavern,
Reds® Midtown Tavern, and The Loose Moose®. All trademarks related to the Concept and
Signature brands noted above are used by SIR under a License and Royalty Agreement with SIR
Royalty Limited Partnership in consideration for a Royalty, payable by SIR to the Partnership,
equal to six percent of the revenue of the 57 restaurants (56 operating restaurants and one
closed restaurant) currently included in the Royalty Pool. SIR also owns and operates Duke’s
Refresher® & Bar in downtown Toronto, one seasonal Signature restaurant, Abbey’s
Bakehouse®, and one seasonal retail outlet, which are not currently part of the Royalty Pool.
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About SIR Royalty Income Fund

The Fund is a trust governed by the laws of the province of Ontario that receives distribution
income from its investment in the SIR Royalty Limited Partnership and interest income from the
SIR Loan. The Fund intends to pay distributions to unitholders on a monthly basis.

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